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AMD AM4 Upgrade Kit

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Before you start
This is an AMD AM4 upgrade kit (RR-ACCY-AM4B-R1) for the new AMD Ryzen processors and is compatible with selected cooling products.
The models are listed below:
MasterAir Pro 4
MasterAir Pro 3
Hyper 412 Series
Hyper 212 EVO
Hyper 212 X
  •   For other models, additional upgrade kit will be available.
  •   Photo on the instruction is for reference only, but installation steps remain the same. Reference model: MasterAir Pro 4
  •   Before installing the CPU cooler onto your motherboard, we recommend separating the cooler fan from the heatsink for easier installation.
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Step 1
Remove a screw from one side of the AM4 upgrade kit, then place the bracket between the copper base and heatsink.
  • AMD AM4 upgrade kit only fits in one orientation. 

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Step 2
Lightly secure the screw that you removed from the previous step.

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Step 3
Clip in AMD AM4 upgrade kit onto retention module on the motherboard.
  • Ensure you peel off copper base protection label before you install the cooler.
  • Apply thermal grease to the CPU.

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Step 4
Secure both screws.
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Step 5
Apply the cooler fan back onto the cooler.
  • Ensure you plug in the fan cable into the motherboard.
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