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CM Storm Trooper/Stryker Fan Control Wiring

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Locate each Cable

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Fan LED Power x 3 Single fan Power Connector x 2 "Y" Split Fan Power Connector x 1 Power LED/Fan Controller Power x 1
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Connect the Fans

1) Connect the two HDD Cage fans LED power cables to two LED fan power cables.
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2) Connect the two HDD Cage Fans power cables to the two single fan power connectors from the fan controller.
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3) Connect the Top 200mm fan power connector and the rear fan power connector to the "Y" shaped fan power connector from the top fan controller.
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Note: you will have one extra fan LED connector left as the case only comes with two fans that have LED control.
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Connect Main Power for fan controller

4) Plug the fan controller power into the power supplies 4pin connection to supply power to the fans and LEDs that are connected to the fan controller.
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Power LED/Fan Controller Power Power Supply power cable
-/+ Button Beeps:  
Single beep increases/decreases fan speed. Triple beep indicates that the maximum/minimum level has been reached
Fan LED Button Beeps:
Pressing toggles on/off and between one or two active LEDs



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