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Diagnosing Issues for Storm Trooper/Stryker Fan Controller

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No response when pushing any of the buttons on the front panel

Please make sure that all required connectors are all connected properly. Please note that the fans with LEDs that come with the case have 2 separate connectors,1 x 2 pin LED connectors and 1 x 3 pin fan power connector. The fan control also has a 4 pin molex connector that needs to be connected to one of the molex connectors on your power supply in order to power up.

Please see the following FAQ for detailed wiring instructions.

CM Storm Trooper/Stryker Fan Control Wiring

Why is there constant beeping coming from the fan controller?

If you are experiencing this issue then please unplug all connections and re-plug all connections. Please note that the system must be turned off when you are connecting the fans as the fan controller is not able to function with changes made on the fly.


If you are still experiencing beeping from the fan control even after you have re-plugged all connections then it would appear that you have a defective fan controller. If the case is still under warranty please submit a ticket and our support representatives will provide you with further assistance.



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