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Install MasterCase Maker 5 LED/Fan Controller PCB

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1) Locate the PCB mounting posts on the right side of case behind the motherboard tray.

User-added image

2) Hold the board in place and use 2 #6-32*5 screws to secure the board to the case.

User-added image

3) Attach the LED controller board cable to the PCB

User-added imageUser-added image

4) Attach the SATA Power Cable from your power supply to the PCB to power the fans and LEDs

User-added image

5) Locate the Peripherial Cable connection from the Top Fan Controller.

User-added image

It will have 2 wires as shown above

6) Connect the Peripherial Cable connection to a 4pin Molex Connection from your power supply.

User-added image

This provides power to the fan controller and the LEDs on the top IO panel.

7) Place the plastic cover on the PCB board
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